The Joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2018

Identifying the association of depression and diabetic distress in Pakistani patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (#183)

Arooj Fatima 1 , Syed Sammar Abbas Zaidi
  1. Sir GangaRam Hospital, Lahore, PUNJAB, Pakistan

Background and aims: 

Depression plays an important role among patients diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It is believed that diabetes distress is recognised as major psychological issue in Pakistan. Our study aims to identify diabetes distress among Pakistani children patients diagnosed with type1 Diabetes. We also aim to find out the relationship among depression, distress caused by Diabetes and glycemic control

Materials and methods: 

A cross sectional study was conducted in Sir GangaRam Hospital Lahore during June 2016 to October 2017. Total 80 patients diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes Mellitus were included in the study. Hb A1C levels were collected via venous puncture. A personalized health questionnaire was used to classify depression among patients. Diabetes distress scale was used to identify diabetes distress and other factors such as social distress, interpersonal distress, physician related distress, emotional distress and regimen related distress.


The rate of depression was 39% among patients diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. 8% were categorised as mild depression, 14% moderate depression and 17% with severe depression. Diabetes depression was found in 71% of the selected population. Rates of social distress, interpersonal distress, physician related distress, emotional distress, regimen related distress were 23%, 33.5%, 17.8%, 73.4% and 42.6 respectively. There was no association between depression and glycemic index.



Our study concludes that Diabetes distress is very common among patients with type 1 Diabetes and this is an alarming condition for Pakistani population. We need to develop and modify our management plans in order to combat this deadly distress. Mass media should be involved in order to raise awareness about diabetes distress and depression.