Olivia J Holland The Joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2018

Olivia J Holland

Dr Olivia Holland investigates diabetes during pregnancy and the response of the placenta to stress. Her aim is to develop improved prognostic markers to identify women at risk of adverse outcomes related to gestational diabetes that would increase treatment options and benefit clinicians and patients. Olivia’s research has demonstrated specific biological adaptations that occur in the placenta in response to stress, and how these adaptations may determine the severity of pregnancy complications. Her current research seeks to expand on the placenta’s adaptive role in gestational diabetes. Olivia is the newest recipient of the Lions Medical Research Foundation Fellowship. She is internationally recognised for her research, and regularly presents at national and international conferences. Her contribution to the field has been acknowledged by numerous invited presentations and publications, and she has been awarded over one million dollars in research funding.

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