David J Sharkey The Joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2018

David J Sharkey

David Sharkey completed his PhD within the Reproductive Immunology laboratory at the University of Adelaide, under the supervision of Professor Sarah Robertson and Professor Robert Norman. Since completing his PhD in 2005, David has continued his postdoctoral training in the Robertson laboratory within the Robinson Research Institute and School of Medicine, where his research has focused on characterising the cellular and molecular changes that occur within the cervix and endometrium of women following exposure to seminal fluid at coitus. David has helped to establish in vitro models, utilising primary and immortalised cervical epithelial cells that faithfully replicate the inflammatory response to seminal fluid, thereby providing a valuable tool for determining the identity of key signalling agents in seminal fluid. He also has a very keen interest in attempting to identify potential biomarkers of male fertility in seminal fluid, beyond traditional sperm parameters. Together, his research has helped to support studies in animal species, showing the essential nature of appropriate immunological interaction between signalling molecules in male seminal fluid and the cells lining the female reproductive tract, in preparation for successful pregnancy.

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