Emma Duncan The Joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology 2018

Emma Duncan

Prof Emma Duncan has been fascinated by endocrinology in general and the skeleton specifically since her undergraduate days, leading to adventures around the globe. A long stint in the UK encompassed a PhD in osteoporosis genetics and consultant training; and she returned to Australia in 2005. Since then, Emma has published multiple high-impact publications investigating osteoporosis, skeletal dysplasias, MODY [maturity-onset diabetes of the young], phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas, thyroid cancer, obstetric medicine….and she played a pioneering role in the translation of massively parallel sequencing technologies into clinical practice. In her spare time she serves as the immediate past president of ANZBMS and contributes to leadership and governance nationally and internationally.

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